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B&S Power Products (Generac) 90947

Breather Hose

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 90051

Manifold Head Gasket

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 51767

M6 x 55mm Capscrew

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 80318

M6 x 25mm Capscrew

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 80316

M6 x 30mm Screw

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 20136

Intake Manifold

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 22097

M6 Lock Washer

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 49813

M6 Hex Nut

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 21202

Carburetor/Air Box Gasket

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 36935

#10-32 x 3/4" Screw

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 80303

Canal Cover

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B&S Power Products (Generac) 21201

Carburetor/Manifold Gasket

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 21203

Dellorto Carburetor

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 21200

Air Cleaner Base

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 66476

M6 x 12mm Capscrew

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 59635

#8 x 3/8" Plastite Screw

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 78601

Air Filter

Not available

B&S Power Products (Generac) 78602


Not available

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There are three general categories of chainsaw that include the Trimming Saw, the Ground Saw and the Multi-purpose Saw. Within each category, a brand may have homeowner, mid-duty and commercial versions. Trimming Saws are compact and light. Homeowner versions are less expensive and designed for occasional use trimming branches while your feet are on the ground. Commercial versions are more expensive, more powerful and designed for 8-hour/day usage while climbing in a tree-top. Ground Saws are the big, heavy, high-powered saws designed for felling large trees and cutting-up the trunks. Multi-purpose Saws are capable of felling many trees while still light enough to swing around to take the branches off the tree while it is on the ground. Neither the Ground Saw nor the Multi-purpose Saw belong in the standing tree-top. Choose between homeowner, mid-duty and commercial by how often and how hard you will use the saw. If you and your wife will use it in the backyard 2-3 times a year for maintenance, get a homeowner grade. If you are putting it in the truck for your survey crew to use daily for light clearing consider a mid-duty and if you have 10-acres of forest to clear using a crew, get a commercial grade saw. Finally, select the bar/chain combination for the size of trees/branches you will be cutting.