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Cub Cadet 942-0616A

Blade, Mulching

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Cub Cadet 631-04463

Plug, Deck Mulch Assembly

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Cub Cadet 712-04064


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Cub Cadet 911-04069

Pin, Grass Catcher

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Cutting Scrub Oak, Cedar, Mesquite, etc

The problem is what to do with the cut-scrub. Burning is an option in some areas, or hauling the brush to a dump, but can be expensive and time consuming. Alternatively, you may consider a chipper/shredder. A chipper/shredder will turn your scrub into mulch, that stuff for which you pay $3 a bag at the garden store. Smaller chipper/shredders handle 3" to 5" diameter branches, and most are easily movable by one person. There are also intermediate models from 4" to 8" capacity with a variety of features such as self-feed or aim-able discharge to name a few. Other models offer the ability to mount to, and be powered by a compact tractor. These have higher capacity at a low cost as there is no additional expense for a power source. Your tractor is the power source. Industrial chippers are also available with 8" to 12" thick log capacity or more if you have a big clearing project. These expensive machines can usually be rented.