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Troy-Bilt GW-1113-1099

BUSHING .5 X .375 X .3

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Obsolete Discontinued Not available

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Got Thatch?

Have you noticed a lot of Clumpy Grass with Barren Spots in your yard with small barren patches in-between? Inspect the barren patches for a heavy buildup of mulched grass clippings and leaves. If you find this interwoven grass and leaves, you have "thatch", and it suffocates the grass where it gets too thick. To remove you can use a cheap long-fingered metal rake. Within a few hours you may rake-up enough "thatch" to fill the back of a small pick-up truck. If the rake is a bit too much work, there are specialized de-thatching tools available as well as commercial lawn maintenance companies that will do it for you. Listen afterwards for your lawn sighing in relief.